Earth Volleyball Handbook 2020-21







Sam Samana

2231 Canehill Ave.

Long Beach, CA 90815

562-714-2054 (cell)




My name is Sam Samana, director and proud coach of Earth Volleyball Club. I’ve been coaching for 36 years at top southern California girls’ clubs, including Ichiban, Laguna Beach, and American Flyers volleyball clubs. Welcome to our family! Let’s stand tall, let’s stand together and be proud.




The mission of Earth Volleyball Club is to provide a quality and competitive volleyball program for young girls and boys to develop their volleyball skills, emphasizing the importance of academic achievement, sportsmanship, the importance of family, community, global care, and how to be a great humanitarian which will follow them through life, all while leaving them with a positive and growing experience.




Alcohol and Drugs


Earth Volleyball Club has a no tolerance stance on the use of alcohol by minors and the possession or use of drugs. Federal and State laws prohibit their use. Any person found in violation of the law will be immediately dealt with and potential consequences may include suspension or termination without a refund. Parents, and guest are prohibited from attending tournaments/practices intoxicated and/or having or drinking alcohol courtside during tournaments or practice. Possible consequences may include being removed from the courtside and/or banned from future tournaments.




Please send all dues, required paperwork and other correspondence to:


Earth Volleyball Club

2231 Canehill Ave.

Long Beach, CA 90815


If you need to contact a coach, use the contact number he/she provided on the roster or for an emergency only, contact Coach Sam at (562) 714-2054. Email is the most effective way to communicate with coaches. Please be sure your coach has your most updated email address and that you’re checking your email daily, as you will get a response as soon as possible.




Our 2020/21 club season will be strange and challenging. After the commitment day to EVC, it will be a day by day, week by week, or even month by month operation. We as a club must follow all guidelines and protocols from our state, local authorities, USA Volleyball, SCVA, and also private, local parks, schools, and maybe churches training facilities. As we all know it, there is always the possibility things can be shut down again.


This also brings me to the concept of encouraging all players to wear mask during training and play. Hopefully this will give each individuals, low risk through the season.









The Earth VBC program is very committed to the young athletes and the Club’s goal is to train them to become complete volleyball players and positive, respectful young men and women. Things to keep in mind while participating in any sporting activity are:


  • Numbers of players on the roster – Max is 13, minimum is 8. Creating a training and competing atmosphere at practice, having enough players for a 6 on 6 on the court is important for game like skills. Playing times for tournaments will be based on progress, development, attendance, and work ethics. And it will be up to the coach’s discretion.
  • Work/play hard – Do your very best at all practices/tournaments to help the team succeed.
  • Have fun – It’s a fun game to play, to coach, and to watch.
  • Respect – Your parents, coaches, teammates, other players, spectators and the facilities all deserve respect.
  • Represent yourself and the Club – Always be a quality person/competitor.
  • Be coachable and a team player – Always listen and follow directions from all coaches and team representatives (team mom/dad).
  • Attendance and punctuality – Players are expected to be at all training sessions and tournaments and should arrive at all events at the designated time. Know when and where your team is meeting and plan to arrive 15 minutes early.
  • Follow all gym rules – At all practices and tournament sites, know the rules and follow them. We have to take care of all gyms. Tournament penalties for gym misuse/abuse are stiff.
  • Playing time – All players earn their playing time and falls under the discretion of the coach.
  • Team wear, equipment, etc. Be sure to bring all your team equipment to every practice and tournament. Anything not being worn should be in your team bag (practices and tournaments). All team bags, etc. must be neatly arranged at the gym (practice and tournaments). Take care of all Club equipment (shag balls, care for the carts, training kits, etc.). Keeping track of the balls is your job.
  • Academic Expectations – All players must maintain a 2.5 and above GPA and no lower than a 2.0 GPA.
  • Social Media – Review Safe sport guidelines




All teams will practice a minimum of two times per week and a minimum of two hours per session. (Beach volleyball practice on the sand will be indicated on the practice schedule.) Practices are mandatory and missed practices will affect your playing time at tournaments. If you are going to miss a practice session, you need to let your coach know at least one practice session in advance.


Practice Locations – Check your team schedule for specific practice location and time.



Earth Volleyball Club
11564 Trask Ave
Garden Grove, CA 92843











Transportation will not be provided to and from practices or to tournaments due to insurance constraints. That responsibility lies with the parents and players to get to practice to the local tournaments. We do provide a team roster for carpooling.





  • We will teach every player exactly how to perform each skill, both in general and in game situations.
  • Players are expected to execute the skills precisely as taught, with no variance. We play only one way!
  • Focus on movement and agility
  • Skills – Serving, ball control (passing (SR), defense), overhand and setting skills, hitting (bow and arrow technique, three-step approach, shots, jumbo shrimp shots, etc.) and blocking


Team Play

  • Players are taught all positions and their specific jobs in the early stages (14s).
  • As positions are established, the specific roles are trained (16’s and 18’s).
  • Positions and roles are taught both in isolation as well as from a tactical sense. “Here’s how to do it and here’s why it’s done this way.”



  • Players are taught how to compete, what it takes to be ready to play and how to focus.
  • We teach! Always play to win, but success is measured by how closely we performed to our potential.


Team Community Service

  • Beach cleanups, military and homeless donations, food drives, etc.




Exhibiting “Class” is Vital in Athletics


We all recognize the element of “class” in athletics when we see it. Obviously, we can also easily detect the opposite… behavior that lacks “class.” However, even though “class” is easily observed, it is somewhat difficult to define.

The following may be a step in the right direction:

  • Regardless of personal feelings, never publicly criticize an opponent.
  • If you lose a game, give credit to your opponent. At least admit that on this given day or occasion, the opponent may have played better. Perhaps the coach simply did a better job.
  • Do not blame the loss on injuries or officials. Over the long haul, these variables always seem to even out among opponents.
  • Always participate in the traditional post-game handshake. This simple act sets the necessary tone for players and fans.


The element of “class” is a combination of many things. It is treating others in a dignified fashion with politeness, compassion, courtesy and respect, even under very trying circumstances. Being considerate and positive is certainly involved. “Style” may be another word in which we can connect to “class” or exhibiting “grace under adversity” is another way to look at it.


In spite of the difficulty to concisely define “class” in athletics, we know it when we see it. The element of “class” may be the most important barometer of athletic success, even more important than wins and losses.



Respect for:


  • RULES – Follow the letter and spirit of how the game should be played.
  • OPPONENTS – Remember a worthy opponent brings out our best.
  • OFFICIALS – Respect them even when you disagree.
  • TEAMMATES – Remember our commitment on and off the field.
  • TRADITION – Remember it’s a privilege to participate.



Please review the USA Volleyball and Southern California Volleyball Association Guidelines as we all follow them.



Sorry, but there is no way around this, you are responsible for your child’s club fees. Dues are spread throughout the season, so if COVID 19 shut us down, you are not responsible for the time out. You can pay checks, cash, credit cards, or venmo. Remember, NO PAY NO PLAY policy. NO REFUND on the First or commitment payment.


IMPORTANT: You and your daughter/son commitment letter will seat belt you to EVC for the 2020/21 club season.




2020/21 SEASON


BOYS, $2500.00                                                                 GIRLS, $3500.00


COMMIT $750.00                                                                COMMIT $750.00

NOV.1 $350.00                                                                    NOV.1 $400.00

DEC.1 $350.00                                                                    DEC.1 $400.00

JAN.1 $350.00                                                                     JAN.1 $400.00

APR.1 $350.00                                                                    FEB.1 $400.00

MAY1 $350.00                                                                     MAR.1 $400.00

                                                                                                APR.1 $400.00

                                                                                                MAY1 $400.00


OUTSIDE TOUR.                                                                OUTSIDE TOUR.


BOYS HOLLIDAY CLASSIC                                            LAS VEGAS CLASSIC

12/12-13, 2020?                                                                  2/13-15, 2021

BOYS INVITATION                                                            RED ROCK RAVE

4/9-11,2021 VEGAS?                                                        3/27-29, 2021       4/9-11,2021 (14’S)

WESTCOAST CLASSIC                                                   AAU                       SUMMER SOIREE

6/11-13, 2021                                                                       6/0-00, 2021         6/24-27, 2021


SCVA BOYS                                                  GIRLS                        

____________                                              ________________________________

EVC 16’S Boys                                                  EVC 17’S          14’S Girls          16s                   15s


10/10Q1                                                            10/25Q1            12/5Q1              10/17q1             10/24q1

10/11Q2                                                            11/7Q2              1/16Q2              11/01q2             11/08q2

11/8PTS                                                           11/22Q3            1/17Q3              11/14q3             11/21q3

11/21PTS                                                          1/24F                2/20M1             1/30F                1/31F

HIGH SCHOOL                                                 3/6M1               3/13M2             2/28M1             3/20M1

1/10F                                                                4/17M2             4/24M3             5/8M2(sd)          5/01M2(sd)                                                                    5/29,30SCC      5/22&23SCC     6/5&6SCC        6/29&30SCC

2/7F, 3/6F